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€0 / month

  • Lists up to 150K budget
  • Manual profit tracking
  • 1-time use of Club Import
  • Annoying Ads
  • VIP support


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€9,95 / month

  • Unlimited lists
  • Profit tracking synchronized with ChilledCoins list
  • VIP support
  • Unlimited use of Club Import feature
  • Market updates
  • Annoying Ads

Budget ➜ expected Profit

50K ➜  60K-70K / week
100K ➜  100K-120K /week
200K ➜  150k-200k / week
500K ➜  250k - 300k / week
1M ➜  500k - 600k / week
2M ➜  800k - 1M / week


  • This is very easy. Contact us easily in VIP Support and just write that you want to cancel. We will then cancel your subscription.
  • Yes of course. The more expensive your ChilledCoins lists are, the more coins you make. 
  • You can pay in any currency. It will show €, but it will be converted automatically when you pay.
  • If you get the 12 month membership, you are also in the next EA FC Season automatically from the beginning. Of course only until the 12 months expire.

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