Earn several thousand Euros / month with your EA FC 24 content.

You get 70% commission on every sale - even recurring subscriptions - and market by far the best service to earn coins cheaply.


  • 70% of each payment, including recurring payments for subscriptions
  • 2nd level affiliate receives 10% commission. Invite other content creators as affiliate partners, they will also receive 70% and you will receive 10% of their generated sales for life. This means that ChilledCoins gives you on a total of 80% of the sales.
  • Payments go immediately to your own Copecart account
  • We completely take care of the product and support
  • 10%+ conversion rates, through powerful landing pages
  • Money back guarantee
  • You are not bound to any contract. You can stop promoting ChilledCoins at any time.
  • Even if you no longer want to be an affiliate partner, you will continue to receive money for the subscriptions you refer. These are registered in Copecart, we can not change anything, you are on the safe side.
  • We don't expect hard selling. We expect authentic marketing of our app, because you really like our app and use it yourself.

ChilledCoins changes the FC trading market

with the All in One Solution App

Our goal for this FC 24 season is that every FC 24 player has heard of our app and in the long run everyone uses the app. We are fully committed to growth and give our partners a big revenue share so that they market the project like their own. We want all our partners to earn good money and make the ChilledCoins project big with us. 

Our partners should always be honest and not lie to their followers / viewers just to make revenue.

Why should your followers and viewers use Chilled Coins?

  • Best service to make coins
  • AI generated overpriced selling lists
  • Perfectly matched to the customer's budget
  • 1.5M+ coins with only 20-30 minutes a day
  • Club Import function
  • Daily Market Updates
  • Perfect for people who want to make coins on the side with copy and paste instructions
  • Watchlist function
  • Real time price updater, current player prices every 5 minutes
  • VIP Support
  • Money back guarantee

What you need to know about Copecart

1) For each transaction 4,9% + 1€ will be deducted.

2) For European customers, VAT is deducted in advance. 80% of your earnings are transferred to your bank account after 14 days, the remaining 20% after 40 days. Copecart does this because there are Paypal cases from time to time and you need to have the money available.

3) If a customer asks for a chargeback, for example in a Paypal case, we take care with Copecart that you get your money back.

4) You must have a business registered for the payout.


How much can you earn with Chilled Coins?

Here is an overview of the sales we have achieved with our exclusive partner.


Prime Time in FIFA 22 - 321.000€ revenue - 80K followers and 30K-40K storyviews

Prime Time in FIFA 23 - 204.000€ revenue - 130K followers 10K-20K storyviews

600.000€ revenue in 16 months with only FIFA content.

High conversion rates

In September 2022, we generated a lot of traffic with our own content. Here, the checkout conversion was over 13%.

This means that every 8th visitor has bought at the latest.

In October 2022, traffic came almost exclusively via ads and placements. Despite cold traffic, the conversion rate was over 4%.

This means for you: If you have a closer contact with your followers/viewers, then you can expect high conversion rates, i.e. every 10th person will buy.

If you only make content for the masses and your viewers don't know you at all, you can assume that every 20th person will buy.

You have to know:

These are all statistics with our old pricing model. Back then, our prices were still around 25€/month.

We expect a much higher conversion rate because the prices are much cheaper, we offer a money back guarantee and our service has gotten much better.